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CCTV is an integral security element in the fight against crime, vandalism, and shoplifting and with CCTV now commonplace in today’s society, there is an ever-expanding range of equipment available to meet various applications and budgets. HVC can take care of every aspect of the installation, repair and maintenance of your CCTV system in various commercial, domestic and housing development environments and can also offer reliable technical support to ensure that your system always operates efficiently.


Whether you require a small single camera or large site system there is a solution to suit your requirements. Wireless products, video motion detectors, viewing and recording equipment, Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras as well as IP cameras, high definition and number plate recognition systems capable of remote viewing via a broadband connection are also available for various CCTV applications.


Having a professionally designed and maintained system is extremely important as poorly designed systems or inadequate equipment can result in poor video images and video evidence being dismissed. Through our experience and comprehensive knowledge, our surveyors will ensure that camera locations and the equipment specified are suitable for a particular application, whilst the service department will maintain the quality of the system for the future.  We ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout the installing, repairing and future maintenance process.


We are also able to offer the installation of Decoy CCTV cameras which act as a visual deterrent to your property.  Cameras Housings are mounted in the desired position however not connected to any viewing or recording equipment but can be utilised should you wish to install a fully functional CCTV system in the future.

CCTV systems

Communal TV/Satellite systems

Most communal dwellings today receive their TV services using Integrated Reception Systems (IRS).  These can provide services such as:


• Digital TV to include Freeview (Standard and High Definition)

• Freesat (Standard and High Definition)

• Sky Digital

• Sky+HD

• DAB digital radio

• FM radio


IRS systems vary in their complexity but generally they consist of a TV, FM and DAB aerial and a satellite dish. The signals are combined and then distributed to a number of individual dwellings to provide each resident with a wide range of services.  This is achieved by erecting aerials and dishes on the roof and running cables from them to a position in the building where we can install the distribution equipment.  This is usually situated within a communal cupboard/riser or externally within a weatherproof lockable equipment enclosure.


The feeds from the antennae are amplified and filtered at the distribution equipment to ensure that they are robust enough to serve the amount of dwellings in the building. They are then connected to distribution units or “multiswitches” which combine the signals together so that TV, FM, DAB and satellite can all be fed down a single cable. Two twin screened CAI benchmarked coaxial cables are then run from the multiswitch to the TV point(s) in each dwelling and terminated in a Quad outlet plate which de-combines the signals for the resident to connect their equipment to.


All work is carried out to CAI standards and Code of Practice and all materials supplied are CAI benchmarked for digital capability.


If you are experiencing TV Aerial faults or require a quotation for TV or Satellite installation then please contact us on 01892 529802 to discuss your requirements further.

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